Foundry Iumex Group S.p.A.

  • Since 1990 with precision and reliability

    In Iumex Group S.p.A. we have some cornerstones:


    Our continuous research and study of new technologies for cast iron and aluminum castings also allows us to have a park cutting-edge machines..

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Why choose us

  • Professionalism

    Professionalism guaranteed thanks to industry experts with over 20 years of experience in the fusion and forming of metallic materials and in mechanical processing. Furthermore, training in the use of cutting-edge equipment and systems allows us to have always competent professionals.

  • Quality

    The careful selection of raw materials, the control at each production stage and the many laboratory analyzes for metallurgical control, chemical analyses, metalloscopic and metallographic analyzes allow us to produce high quality materials, in compliance with national and international regulations.

  • Precision

    The use of cutting-edge machinery and instrumentation, the research into advanced technologies in the sector and the training of employees allow us to carry out precision work, with the possibility of carrying out work to order and to the customer’s design.

We have been working with passion for over 25 years